How can I launch a membership on my platform?

The article will explain how to launch a membership and how community members will benefit from it.

What is a 'Membership'? 

    Membership will allow you to launch exclusive courses, blogs, and a group chat for your community.

    Requirements to launch a Membership

    You only need to have any of these two payment gateways activated to launch memberships —

    Note: The payment gateway needs to be connected before launching your membership. Also, you need to activate a recurring subscription on your payment gateway for membership to work. 

    Now let’s understand the step-by-step procedure to launch a membership. 

    How to launch a membership for your members

    Go to Graphy Dashboard > Membership


    Set a price

    Tap on Set a price to begin the process.


    Choose subscriptions

    Now enter the price for the Yearly and Monthly Subscriptions.


    Note: It is not mandatory to keep both subscriptions.

    Preview membership

    Now, you can also preview your membership site.

    To get a preview of your desktop or mobile Membership screen, tap and swap between the Web and mobile icon.


    Pitch your membership to members

    Now pitch your Membership by editing the membership perks.

    To make changes in the membership perks, go to Edit perks.



    Add or edit your Membership title and enter perks under Why join?



    To add more perks click +Add more benefits.


    Note: Limit to add benefits is up to 5.


    Once you have added the perks click Update to save changes. 


    Complete the process

    Now click Launch membership to complete the process.


    Congratulations! You’ve launched your membership for your members. 



    Access membership on mobile

    Now your learners can easily access membership on their mobile devices. For membership to reflect on their mobile apps, please push a new update on Google Play Store and App Store and update your existing applications.

    Note: Learners can buy a membership on the website and Android app. They cannot purchase a membership on the iOS app. However, they can consume content if purchased from a website and an Android app.

    Share your membership link

    Once you have set up your membership, you can share the link on different platforms. 

    To share the membership link, click Share link




    Once you’ve enabled the Membership, you can enable the membership perks of your choice.

    Add courses

    Add blogs

    Start chatting




    Add courses 

    Now you can quickly add courses to your membership in two ways. 

    a) You can add courses directly from the membership dashboard

    Scroll down to Courses. Click on +Add courses.

    GM 14


    On the search bar, browse the courses. Then click +Add.



    Tap Done.  And your course is successfully added to the membership dashboard. 



    b) Go to your Graphy Dashboard > Content > Courses.

    Select the course you want to add to the membership. 



    Now, go to Pricing.



    Then tap on the Membership checkbox to add the course under membership.



    Now, tap on the Website checkbox to display the membership course on your website.



    Scroll down and click Save to keep changes. 


    Congratulations! Your course has been successfully added to your membership.


    Add blogs 

    Also, you can add blogs in these two ways.  

    a) To add blogs to your website, go to Dashboard under Membership.


    Scroll down, and click Add blogs to include blogs in membership.



    b) Go to Marketing > Blogs.



    Under Information, go to the top-right corner and click on +New blogs.



    A form to add a new blog will pop on your screen. Enter the necessary details such as-

    Title, URL, Author name, Category, SEO Title, SEO keywords, Description, and Publish Date

    Then click Submit


    Note: It is advised to keep the Publish date blank to use the created date


    And your new blog will be added under the Blogs dashboard



    Now go to publish icon. You will have two options two publish your blogs

    • Members
    • Everyone



    Select Members to keep the blog under membership. Click Publish to make the blog live.  



    Start chatting

    Now you can chat with your members and opt from any two options to start the conversation.

    a) Go to Dashboard > Scroll down > Member chat > Tap on Say hi.



    b) Go to Chat under Membership.



    Type ‘Hi’ or anything under the chat box and click Enter from your keyboard to start a chat. 



    To start the thread under your message, select the message.

    And click on the reply button/arrow appearing on the chat. 



    Add text and click Enter from the keyboard to send. 


    a)To style the font of your chat as Bold, Italic, and Underline select the text and tap either style buttons B, I, U, or all three.
    b) To attach a link, tap the link icon or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+K.
    c) To use emojis, tap the emoji icon and select any emojis.
    d) To attach a file, tap on the attachment icon. Browse files and select to attach in the chat. 


    To react to the chat, select the chat. Tap on the emoji icon, appearing beside the reply icon. 



    Then select an emoji to react on the chat.



    And the chat board will appear like this. 



    To delete the chat, select the chat. Tap on the three dots icon beside the emoji icon.



    Now select Delete. And your message will be removed from the chat window.