How to use Course Wise Discussion in your course platform?

This article explains how to use "Course Wise Discussion" feature in your course platform to increase learners' engagement.

Course Wise Discussion is a learners' discussion forum, through which your students and instructors of that particular course can interact with each other and solve queries. 

Steps to use Course Wise Discussion:

Visit your Dashboard, scroll down and select "Engagement". Here, you can view both the available features. Now, head over to "Course Wise" to explore the Course Wise Discussion feature.


Enable/Disable Course Discussions

If you don't want this feature on your platform you can turn it off. To enable or disable the "Course Discussions" feature click on the top right corner button.
Please note that "Refer & Earn" features are by default enabled on your platform.


Add New Post

To add a new post in the Course Discussion Forum, click on "+POST" placed at the top right. A new text box would pop up where you can write plain texts as well as attach an image.
Please note that even if the box titles "Ask Doubt", you can use this forum for the purpose of stating anything as well.
Write your comment and click on "Post". 


Search by Course Title

Under the "Search by Course Title", you can filter out the Course Discussion results by typing in the title of the course you want to be displayed.



Enable/Disable: Click on this button to enable or disable the "Course Discussions" feature in the individual subject.
Name: This shows the title of the course.
Total Posts:
The total number of posts done by both learners as well as instructors in the "Course Discussions" forum of the particular course.  
Active Learners:
This shows the number of learners who participate actively in the course discussions.
Last Activity:
This shows the time interval before which someone last interacted in the discussion forum. 


Total Posts

Under "Total Posts" you can click on the number given & directly head to the course discussion forum of the respective course. Here, you can view all the posts as well as their respective comments on any of the post.

All: This shows the total number of posts made by all the learners as well as instructors to date.
Started by Me:
 This shows the thread of posts which was initiated by you, being the Admin.
The posts where the admin was tagged, by either learner or instructor.  
Commented by Me:
This shows the posts where you have commented, being an admin.