How to register your SMS SENDER ID on the Graphy platform?

This article talks about the step by step process of getting your SENDER ID registered, in order to send SMS to your learners.

In order to send SMS to your learners, you need to get your Sender Id registered.

How to register your Sender Id


Step 1: Sign up

Signup on a DLT Platform (Telecom Operators) on PingConnect and VILpower with all required documents.

Click HERE to know about the signup procedure in detail.



Step 2: Apply Header (Sender Id)
Once you have got your Entity Registration Approved by the DLT Platform, log in to that platform. Now, search for Header & and then apply the Header (Sender Id).

Get the Header registration through PingConnect and VILpower



Step 3: Add Telemarketer

Once you are done with the above two steps, log in to DLT Platform and add Walkover Web Solutions Private Limited (MSG91) with Telemarketer ID (1302157225275643280) as your TeleMarketer.

Click here to understand this step in detail. 



Step 4: Finally mail the following information to

  • DLT Entity Id/ Sender Id
  • Registered Company Name
  • Brand Name