How to use Wallet & Credits as the Marketing channel in the Graphy course platform?

This article guides you through the step by step process of setting up Wallets & Credits for the purpose of marketing.

Once you have created your course, the next step is to market it. In the Graphy platform itself, there are several in-built marketing features. This article takes into account "Wallet & Credits" and explains them in detail.

Credits refer to the virtual currency generated which is accumulated in the students' wallet. These credits can be redeemed when the students purchase any course from the institute.

Using Wallets & Credits for marketing

Visit your Dashboard, scroll down and select "Marketing". Here, you can view all the available features. Now, head over to "Wallet & Credits".

Enable/Disable Wallet & Credits

If you don't want this feature on your platform you can turn it off. To enable or disable "Wallets & Credits" feature click on the top right corner button.
Please note that "Wallet & Credits" are by default enabled on your platform.  

Set up Monetary Value of Credits

You need to specify the value per credit in the users' wallets in terms of real money.
Example: If an affiliate is awarded 100 credits and you want to count them as Rs.100 then you need to fill in 1 Credit= 1 value. 

Maximum Credits Usage Rules

You can specify the three types of below mentioned restrictions on the usage of Credits by your learners. These restrictions are imposed together on a particular transaction.
Please note that whatever of the below mentioned credit usage rule gives minimum credit allowance would be applicable on a transaction.  
Example: If rule 1 allows 40 credits, rule 2 allows 45 credits & Rule 3 allows 50 credits usage, then the minimum of all i.e. 40 credits shall be applicable. 

Rule 1: Maximum % of credit balance per transaction
You can specify the limit on maximum credit used per transaction by an Affiliate. This credit balance has to be in terms of the percentage of the total transaction.
Example: If the learner has 500 credit values in his wallet. You have set 20% here, then then the learner can redeem 100 credits at most, per transaction.

Rule 2: Maximum % of cart value: You can put a limit on the percentage of credits used per transaction in terms of the total cart value.
Example: If the learner is making a purchase of Rs. 1,000 & you have set 10% as cart value used, then the learner can redeem 100 credits at most.

Rule 3: Maximum credits per transaction: You can just specify the maximum credit used per transaction. In no case the Affiliates will be able to exceed the credit usage in a single transaction.
Example: If you want to limit the maximum credit used per transaction to 50, fill in 50. In no case, a learner would be able to able to redeem more than 50 credits per transaction. 

Other Settings

Through this setting you can pre-specify the number of credits which will be rewarded to affiliates' account every time a learner signs up for a course through that affiliate.  
Add the required number and click on "Submit" to save the changes.